Novel Editing

As published novelists, we hold novel writing and novel editing close to our hearts. We understand how easy it is to lose yourself in the world of fiction and how your made-up characters often become more real than those in your everyday world. We make sure the excitement in your head translates to the written page.

• We look at character development. Are your characters fully realized? Are their actions consistent?

• We look at your mode of storytelling. Do you adhere to the golden rule of writing: Show, don’t tell? Do you dramatize instead of lecturing?

• Does your plot build properly? Do you give away too much too soon? Is there adequate suspense? Every story should have suspense on some level.

• Is your narrative voice appropriate? Should you be writing in the first person or the third person?


Novel Editing Reviews

 Using your editing skills was the best thing I ever did to get my novel published.” Heidi Eckert,  Weaving the Unraveling
“I thank Linda Cashdan for her valiant efforts plodding through my rough (very rough) manuscript. Every time I sit down at my computer, a bit of her sage guidance comes through to me.” Ronald Dahle, The Churning Cauldron

 “Thank you, insightful muse! I feel if I’d had an English teacher like you while I was in college, I might have stuck with an English Lit major… You inspire me, Molly!”   Vicki Doddridge, novelist