Nonfiction Editing

Good works of fiction are often described as “page turners.” We think nonfiction writing – whether it is a memoir, a book proposal, a “how-to” self help book, a medical journal, a financial study or a political thesis – should be able to catch the reader’s interest and keep him or her turning the pages. Our goal in editing nonfiction is to help writers do just that.

We look closely at theme, clarity, arc, writing style and pace.

  • What is the message you (the writer) want to convey and it is clear?
  • Does your writing style fit the content?
  • Is the pacing even?
  • Are esoteric concepts made simple enough for a reader to comprehend easily?
  • Do you have your audience in mind? Is it reader-friendly?

Our nonfiction projects have included a handbook on childhood disease; a story about re-learning to speak and write after a stroke; political opinions from the left and the right; spiritual books, religious books and a book on atheism; how-to books on diet and exercise; books on the psychology of sports; books by mothers who have dealt with their children’s illnesses; financial, medical and psychiatric studies; and a vast array of memoirs.

 Reviews for our Nonfiction Editing

“Linda  possesses magnificent organization skills, an important attribute for a negotiation book as complicated as mine.. I couldn’t have done it without her.” Dr. Michael Benoliel, DONE DEAL, The Upper Hand
“I wanted to share with you that my book ‘Becoming a Woman of Substance’ has just won another award – a 2012 Best Book Award in the African-American Studies category. Molly, thanks for the edits!” Jennifer McKelvey, Becoming a Woman of Substance
“I am thankful to Linda Cashdan and her hard work caring for the details of my writing. She taught me the power of using inspirational stories to communicate my messages. Thank you, Linda, for your skill and insight.”  Bill McCallister, Your Business and Your Life: Strategies for Professionals
Linda Cashdan … I couldn’t have done this without you.” Lt. Col. Robert J. Darling USMC (Ret), 24 Hours inside the President’s Bunker: 9-11-01: The White House

 “Besides skillful editing (Molly McKitterick) asked good questions and became an advisor. A book author should be so lucky.” Burt Hall, The Right Wing Threat to Democracy  

 “I would like to thank you again for editing and your comments.  You really helped me produce a product that I hope will change a few lives.” Angela Ross, The Glucometer: A Self-EmpoweringTool to a Healthy and Lean Body

“…with deepest gratitude for accompanying me on this venture.” Anthony Gregorc, Evilocity, The planned surge of modern day evil

Thank you, Molly, for helping to make this book shine!” Pilar Patterson, Lights Along the Path