Developmental Editing

Situations like these are where we can help… 

 “I have lived with this manuscript so long, I can no longer be rational in evaluating it!”

“Everyone I’ve shown it to loves it… but they’re all close friends, and I can’t tell if they’re being nice.”

“I’m a first time writer, and I’m stuck. Need help – advice – on how to keep going.”

As professional editors, we can spot a book’s shortcomings, and we know how to take it from where it is to where it can be. We are not arbitrary. Writers know which of our suggestions will work for them, and which will not, implementing only those that do. The process itself is energizing and often spurs authors to come up with some new ideas of their own. We are proud of the fact that we’ve had many, many satisfied clients.

Developmental Editing Reviews

 “Molly McKitterick said when we met, ‘It is very difficult to imagine one’s mind without words – much less describe it using words. But we are going to do it.’ If she had second thoughts about editing this book, she got over them quickly once she wrapped her accomplished mind around my impaired one. Thoughtful and tactful, her excellent recommendations greatly improved the final read.” Carol Schultz, Crossing the Void
“I am very grateful to the Word Process and its savvy book doctoring skills in helping me think through the manuscript and mold it over the years.” Don Fulsom, Nixon’s Darkest Secrets
“Thank you, Linda Cashdan! You understood the book even better than I did!” J. L. Hilton, Stellarnet Rebel
“The Word Process wasted no time getting to the point, doing what good coaches do, turning my manuscript upside down. Thanks Linda, for the occasional side comments every two or three pages, ‘…now, don’t get discouraged!’ Two months later I sent her the re-birthed copy. She was again, nice. ‘I can see you have done a lot of work.’ If you need a coach, this is the lady to call.” Bob Shupe, Ultimate Point of Vulnerability