Our Services

How The Word Process Works

We get excited about works-in-progress and love the adventure of figuring out how to make them better. Our editing services are fast, efficient, affordable, and highly professional. (As former journalists, we are used to meeting deadlines.) And we care. (As published authors, we know what it’s like to take a book from conception to publication.)

Developmental Editing (A.K.A. Content Editing or Book Doctoring)

This involves looking at the manuscript from above – taking all the material into consideration – and thinking about broad changes that might be made to enhance continuity, clarify the thesis or plot, and create a gradual flow (suspense) that keeps the reader glued to the page. Developmental editing varies, of course, depending on whether we are editing novels, or editing nonfiction. More on Developmental Editing.

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript editing involves making the small changes and suggestions that can improve a manuscript. We copy edit, smooth out sentences and demonstrate techniques, like making dialogue sound more casual or speeding the pace by cutting excessive words. More on Manuscript Editing.

Book Proposals

A book proposal is an important promotional tool, one that not only tells what the book is about but also why this is the book everyone has been dying to read. We both write book proposals for clients and “spruce up” already written ones. More on Book Proposals.

Query Letters

A query letter is what writers use to make contact with agents and/or publishers. We believe they should be short (no more than one page), titillate rather than sate (make the recipient want to know more rather than telling more than he needs to know), and be somewhat cocky. We help clients write them.