Molly McKitterick

An Emmy-award winner, Molly McKitterick has anchored and reported at television stations in Louisville and Washington during her 30-year career. In between The Word Process clients, she is presently writing short stories, some of which have been published in the Northern Virginia Review.

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“There was refuge in the park and balm in the act of hurting someone, even if that person were no more than oneself. Warmed with cheap whiskey and still sucking on the empty bottle, a gaunt, baggy man lay in the curve of a hillside. Blue tattoos reached out of the dark for the soggy joint two brewery workers were sharing along with a six-pack. And in the shadow under the park pavilion a drugged girl in a fringed leather vest flirted with three men as if she were being presented with a choice.”

Molly’s first novel, THE MEDIUM IS MURDER, was the first American entry ever to win the Japanese Suntory Award for Mystery Fiction. It became a bestseller in Japan and was turned into a made for television movie there.

The London Times called it “crime novel of the year,” praising its “whiplash wit and splendidly crafted plot.” It was published in this country by St.Martin’s Press, which also brought out the sequel, MURDER IN A MAYONNAISE JAR.