Linda Cashdan

“Cashdan can tell a tale and keep the reader turning the page,” The Washington Post wrote about Linda Cashdan’s first novel, SPECIAL INTERESTS.

“Senator Frederick Barker stared at the shadows on his ceiling. Strange how the death of the weaker half of the marriage partnership – the death of the dependent one – had somehow made the stronger half fall apart. Strange what a burden freedom had turned out to be. Liberated, at last, to live, eat and sleep politics, he had not only lost interest; he had gone out of his way to kill his career. So many things he had never realized. Like the fact that it was a godsend to be alone only when you lived with someone.”

Her second novel, IT’S ONLY LOVE was a selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, which dubbed it “ The best love story of the summer.” She is a ghostwriter of non-fiction projects for word process clients, a manuscript editor for both novels and non-fiction. She helps writers formulate book proposals and critiques fiction writers one-on-one to improve writing skills.

A veteran journalist, Linda Cashdan worked at the Voice of America for more than three decades as an economics correspondent, features writer, and on-air radio broadcaster. She has ghostwritten several memoirs and had freelance articles published in Redbook, the Washington Post, and Washingtonian Magazine.

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