Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an agent?

If you are a fiction writer, you must finish your manuscript before submitting it to an agent. Agents generally want to see completed works. In nonfiction, however, agents are receptive to ideas, as long as they are presented well. The most common vehicle is a book proposal, which both presents the book idea in a nutshell and demonstrates writing skills.

Why do I need a book proposal?

Agents are bombarded with mail from writers seeking representation. They can’t read everything. Brief and to the point, a book proposal is a sales pitch. A good book proposal enables you to get the essence of your book across quickly and effectively. Agents respond to that.

Can you get my book published?

No. We can help you make your book better, stronger, and more attractive to an agent or publisher by critiquing, manuscript editing, book doctoring, or, if needed, ghostwriting. But agents and editors take on what they like and what they think will sell. Since their choices are personal, they are impossible to predict.

How do you build suspense?

You have to provide enough information to get your readers invested in the plot and characters so they want to know more. But a common mistake is to tell too much too quickly. Remember, it is what they don’t know that keeps them turning the pages (to find out).

When the subject matter is dry, how do you keep readers interested?

In nonfiction too, you must build suspense. You can do this by telling the story well – pacing it, letting the facts build toward a climax or punch line. And don’t forget your audience. Readers like what speaks to them and expect to be entertained as well as educated. Knowing your reader and writing for him or her is often what makes these books successful. P.S. A good book editor helps.

How much do you charge?

We charge by the word for editing and by the hour for other services. If you give us a sense of your project, we will quote you a price.