About Us


We – Linda Cashdan and Molly McKitterick  – are published novelists. We met working together as economics reporters. We discovered we were each, independently, beginning to write fiction. The two of us began exchanging chapters and editing each other’s novels.

In addition to learning how to write fiction, we each got very good at developmental editing (figuring out what worked and what did not work and how to make the narrative the best it could be).

Since founding The Word Process, we have edited all genres of fiction – mainstream, political, literary, suspense, mystery, historical, chick lit, romance, horror, sci fi, erotic fantasy, and magical realism, children and young adult books. As nonfiction editors we have worked on numerous memoirs, as well as how-to, diet and exercise, political, medical and biographical books. While we work one-on-one with clients, we consult each other regularly. Thus, writers who come to us often get the opinions of two experienced book editors for the price of one.