Is blogging writing or avoiding writing?

We wonder about this when we stumble onto writers’ blogs: if writers are blogging, are they writing?

We blog to promote our business and we have no choice but to fit it in around our paying work. But during the times when business is slow and we actually have an opportunity to indulge in writing of our own, the blog interferes. This is not to say that we don’t enjoy blogging. The trouble is we do, and it is much easier than writing a novel or even a short story. So, we let it distract us.

Thus, when we read writers’ blogs, we always wonder what is really going on with the writing the blogger is allegedly doing. We googled ‘writing blog’ and found a number of blogs by writers that have clearly been abandoned. The last entries were in March or April. (Spring must be a good time to give up blogging.) This just deepens the mystery. Have all these bloggers, whose good intentions pave the Internet, returned to other forms of writing – or have they gotten a life?

In the meantime, we offer this bit of evidence posted this week on the blog, Arcana Chronicles, random thoughts of unpublished writer R.B. Wood (

“Time away from the keyboard has done wonders. I hadn’t realized how stressed I’d made myself over the last few weeks. I was piling on work without planning and forethought. The end result was the fact that there were no end results.
So this morning, It’s (sic) back to work.”

Back to work? Blogging or writing?