Got the bourbon for my sore back, switching into first person: #amwriting

#amwriting is a hashtag, a grouping of tweets relating to a particular subject. This one happens to be writers, tweeting as they progress through their writing day.

We try not to retweet, but hey, it is August and we think this is a lot of fun, not necessarily good for the writing all these tweeters are purportedly doing, but their daily, isolated (familiar) struggles to get down to the work leads to amusing and sometimes thought-provoking tweets. Here are some that came down in just a few minutes this morning:

“House quiet (she remarks suspiciously) could it be that at 8:30 a.m. it’s time for some uninterrupted #amwriting?”

“To paraphrase Thomas Edison, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 [queries] that won’t work.’”

“New blog post? Oh yes dear sinners.”

“Do you worry that you only have one novel in you?”

“It’s 5:20 and I am now on a new quest – start project Remove 10,000 words from Polyphony… and we’re off!”

This is more than fun of course. It is a way for writers to come out of their shells and connect in the kind of community that really works for the writing personality. Learn more about #amwriting at